Our Charity Commitment

When we began our sustainable tourism venture at Capel Colman Cottages we knew that we always wanted to have a charitable purpose – to give something back to those whose life experiences had been extreme and harsh. With our charity program, we committed to give away a one week holiday each year, to inject a real happiness boost into the hearts, minds and souls of those families who truly deserve a luxury family holiday in one of our relaxing Pembrokeshire cottages.

A family break to enjoy and rejuvenate in the peaceful surroundings of the Preseli hills, to have fun and explore all that Cardigan Bay and the Pembrokeshire coastline has to offer.

A gift for the heart, mind and soul

We LOVE involving our guests with our projects, so each year during the month of December we invite guests to nominate well-deserving people that they want to see receive a ‘boost of happiness’!

Nominations can include but aren’t limited to:

  • Families with terminally ill members.
  • Families who have lost loved one’s too soon.
  • Individuals that have gone the extra mile to help others and deserve some appreciation and recognition themselves.
  • A special 2020 nomination, marked by Covid-19, people who deserve special thanks or have been far less fortunate than most of us and have faced extreme impacts on their lives due to the pandemic.

A Well-Being Boost

Like so many, we know that the COVID-19 restrictions of 2020 has made this such a tough business year, especially for those in the tourism and hospitality industry. But in Pembrokeshire, living and working from our idyllic Glanpwlldu farm, we understand that there are more deserving people, who have been through so much and we feel privileged to be in the position to allow them a light at the end of the tunnel – with a well-being boost for both them and their families.

So 2020 seemed the right year to begin our charity program. Through suggestions from our holiday accommodation guests, we received four heartfelt and highly deserving nominations. As many have experienced such an extreme year we wanted to look for ways to make all four holiday awards happen.

2020 Capel Colman Cottages Charity Awards: Making the magic happen

At Capel Colman Cottages, we managed to make some magic happen and we’re thrilled that through the generous support of some of our business partners we have been able to make holiday offers to all four nominations!

Award 1

A young family with a son with severe diabetes, both parents diagnosed with crohn’s disease –  involving too much time in hospital, Dad is a front-line worker and Mum proactive in supporting others. With all this they remain positive and happy – truly deserving and inspirational.

1 week sponsored by: Swann Financial Consultancy a St James’s Place Senior Practice Partner 

“We are thrilled to be supporting the Capel Colman Cottages Charity Award. We are well aware of the challenges so many individuals and families have faced in the last year. This initiative reflects our family business philosophy and we feel privileged to sponsor a holiday for a well-deserving family.  At Swann we have our clients firmly at the heart of everything we do. By providing exceptional service and advice, we help them achieve their financial goals now, and in the future.”

Award 2

A young family who lost their mother and wife much too early, a lady who also gave so much to so many through her medical professional career and community work.

1 week sponsored by: Capel Colman Cottages

“We are constantly rewarded every year and see first hand all the attributes of happy holidays from the guests who choose the Capel Colman Cottages holiday experience, perhaps best epitomised by children’s shouts of joy on arrival to glum faces at departure. To be able to give a holiday at a time of such immense challenges takes our reward and satisfaction to another level altogether and we are so looking forward to this family getting a tonic of Welsh enjoyment.”

Award 3

A young couple expecting their first child and with a fantastic plan ahead of them, then COVID-19 and a series of events including job loss, house & home disasters, additionally traumatic pregnancy, Covid-19 but finally the arrival of their bundle of joy and the start of parenting

1 week sponsored by: United Studios Ltd 

“At United Studios Ltd we understand that although our web development industry has faced some working challenges, in 2020, we’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to continue working and helping businesses with their online presence throughout the Pandemic. After working with Capel Colman Cottages we loved their compassionate outlook and ideals and we were eager to support their charity program”

Award 4

A middle-aged man who has had a challenging couple of years having gone through a divorce, redundancy and a cancer diagnosis. He is now looking forward to spending a week away with his son and daughter.

1 week sponsored by: Output Consulting a specialist Print Management company

“Print has become the medium of touch with its tactile character; it engages all the senses like no other communication medium. Supporting this initiative to touch hearts, minds and souls with a boost of positivity, fits so well with the strength of print but also our business ethos of supporting positive outcomes.”

Want To Help Support Our Charity Program?

Do you want to sponsor a holiday or help to support scheme?

Of course, we'd love to hear from you and work with you to award a holiday gift to a family who will benefit most from a relaxing holiday experience in Pembrokeshire. We can discuss your donation in detail and promote your business online. For further details, please get in touch.